Sittin’ in the Sun

I managed to get the drawer bottom, and hinge cleats pinned in place. After a good slathering of boiled linseed oil and turpentine, all that’s left is a few days in the sun.


I was also able to put a bit of carving on the lid. You’ll be able to see it in a day or two when I take more pictures and place this box in the wareroom. I guess it’s back to the old drawing board, to figure out what to build next.


7 thoughts on “Sittin’ in the Sun

  1. Dave Polaschek

    Looks good, Ron.

    I’m building tools here. Have a rebate saw almost done (just waiting on some long saw nuts for it) and finished a turning saw from the Gramercy Tools Kit over the weekend. Next is a mount for my saw vise, which will contain a couple drawers for all my saw sharpening tools, then a plane till, and a box for all of my planemaking tools. I’ve decided I’ll make myself a set of hollows and rounds eventually.

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  2. Ron Hart

    Beautiful craftsmanship! Be sure to sign your work and your descendants will speak well of you. As with most artists your work will become very valuable posthumously!

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