A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss …

My church is sponsoring an art show this November. I thought I would set-up a booth and show some of my wares. I have some pieces ready, those shown on my Items For Sale page. I also thought I should perhaps add a few pieces of treenware to the collection; salt-boxes, candle sconces, silverware trays, and other such things.

Wasting no time I grabbed an oak board and started to layout lunettes on the front and sides of a small salt-box.


With no particular pattern in mind, I just started carving. This is what I ended up with…


After cutting the parts out of the board, I squared the ends and formed rebates at the ends of the front and back pieces.


In a matter of minutes, I had another carcass to pin together. I’ll most likely have a pine bottom and lid for this little box.



6 thoughts on “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss …

  1. bloksav

    Fine looking little box.
    It will be interesting to see what will sell at the show.

    I think the ratchet candle stand and the Shaker lap desk deserves full attention from the audience, but it might be easier to sell smaller stuff.

    In my part of Denmark people will look at first class joinery and say: that’s nice, but there is no way that I would pay more than 10$ for that dovetailed box, and then they would head on over to another booth selling Tupperware and spend 100$ in a whim.

    So I genuinely hope that you have a much better customer base than I do.


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