What to Do With Six Cherry Boards

I just obtained a copy of John Fiske’s When Oak Was New – English Furniture & Daily Life 1530 – 1700. It is a treasure trove of 16th and 17th-century furniture. I love this book. The blend of history and photos is awesome. It is a wonderful read.


Being inspired by John’s presentation of traditional storage furniture, I decided to add a six-board coffer to my collection of wares. The construction is rather straightforward; two sides, a back, a front, a floor, and a top.

With the sides, back, and floor cut and fitted, I started carving the front. The sides of this particular coffer will remain plain, or un-carved. I laid down a thumbnail pattern along the centerline of the front.


I then carved thumbnail squares to either side of the center.


A lozenge pattern was then added to the center of these two squares. Rondels were then added to the center of the lozenges.


I think the multitude of thumbnails adds an elegant flair to this simple six-board coffer. I have planned for a pine till inside, which still needs to be fitted. There will be red-oak hinge cleats. I should be able to have this coffer pinned together in a few days, at which time it will be slathered with boiled linseed oil and turpentine, and allowed to soak up some sun.


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