Six-Board Coffer Complete

I do believe fitting the till is the most challenging part of building any coffer or box. The three parts of the till are simply pinched between the front and back. Holding all the parts while putting everything together is quite a ballet. Sometimes it makes me think our forefathers had extra sets of hands.


Once the till parts were fitted, I pinched them between the front and back and held everything together with wrought iron nails. The top is secured via pintle and red oak hinge cleats. The coffer measures 11-1/4″ D x 26-1/2″ W x 20-1/4″ H.


Per usual it was slathered with boiled linseed oil and turpentine (50:50), and set in the sun to darken.


This was such a fun build, I may consider adding another one to the collection. I wonder if I can carve Ambrosia maple?


7 thoughts on “Six-Board Coffer Complete

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