Another Small Box

I seem to have a lot of projects going at the same time. I’m making quite a few Christmas ornaments and more than a few spoons. So why not start another small box?


Using a 1/2″ thick by 2-1/4″ wide oak stick, I laid out parts for the carcass.


After setting a 3/16″ margin, top, and bottom, I methodically plotted elements of an arcading or nulling pattern.


This pattern alternates between hollows and bevels.


Once the carving was completed, I cut out the parts and formed the carcass. When the glue dried on the carcass, I cut and attached a 1/4″ poplar bottom, and made the hinge cleats. Unfortunately, I ran out of daylight before getting the top fitted.


I guess I’ll just have to start up again in the morning!

4 thoughts on “Another Small Box

  1. Dave Polaschek

    Interesting pattern. I’d like to see more of it. Perhaps in tomorrow’s post. 😉

    I got shop time today, but most of it was building a new lid for my mailbox. The old one cracked and started letting rain in on the mail, so needs must…

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