Inverted Lunettes

Well, I decided to go with inverted lunettes. I carved this pattern on the Beckham Box, last year and really liked it. There’s really nothing to the pattern, just two rows of lunettes with the lower row being inverted and offset.

To start, I used a compass to scribe half-circles above and below a horizontal centerline. The point at which the half-circles touch the horizontal centerline is the center of the next half-circle, either above or below. This arc is the outside of a lunette.


After adjusting the compass I scribed another series of half-circles for the inside of the lunette. I also scribed additional arcs to the outside for decoration.


With the half-circles and arcs scribed, I took the time to redefine the center points with an eye punch. This will act as a visual reference when using the V-tool.


Before cutting in these lines with a 10 mm #41 V-tool, I moistened the work with a 50:50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. I find that this helps the tool cut cleaner.


Once all the lines were cut I paused for a cup of tea while the work dried.


Next, using a 20 mm #7 gouge, struck the bottom edges of the trefoil.


Then established the top of the trefoil.


I then finished the trefoil by walking the gouge around to connect the previous strikes.


I had to call it a day due to dark clouds rolling. Tomorrow I’ll tackle background removal and the punch work.

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