Not Even Close!

Somehow I knew I was wasting my time drawing that pattern in MS Paint. To think I would follow it stroke for stroke, ha!


What I ended up carving in the oak panel is nothing like what I drew. It’s probably for the better, my drawing was much too symmetrical.


As I started the layout of the upper flower, I experienced a great deal of blowout. This piece of oak had a mind of its own. As the carving progressed, becoming more and more unlike my drawing, I realized that I was coming close to a pattern carved by Peter Follansbee, numerous times. I think the design is etched into my brain from having stared at it so long. I think I like this pattern better, anyway. Thanks, Peter!


6 thoughts on “Not Even Close!

  1. Kelly Stone

    This is really great work. I wish I could carve wood like that. I have tried but never had much luck.

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I have to say the smiles I see on the picture of your Father, and the picture of your Daughter and you fill my heart. Seeing your work and reading about your work is delightful. Thank you for sharing.

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