Panel Raising

Having roughed out the back panel, it was time for some beveled edges. I started with the end grain, creating a beveled edge. 

1-1/4″ wide tapering from 3/4″ to 1/8″.

With both ends complete, the sides were planed in the same manner.

With just a bit of tweaking, the panel fit nicely. Too bad this side is rarely seen!

At this point, all I need is to fit the till, install the floor, secure the lid, and this beast will be finished!



4 thoughts on “Panel Raising

  1. Mark Dennehy

    I love the way “fit the lid” is a “just” 😀
    So far, my record is fitting the lid six times before the hinges wouldn’t bind when it was closing, leaving the lid suspended an inch above the closed position. I mark them out and do everything Hayward lists and everything everyone else lists, but somehow it never seems to work out perfectly…

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