The Till

With the chest frame and panels complete, things are moving right along. One last task before securing everything with drawbore pegs. The till. As mentioned before the till is a rather simple little contrivance, yet it can be quite the nightmare. The three pieces of the till, the front, bottom, and lid are wedged between the front and the back of a chest or box. These pieces need to fit before final assembly, thus the nightmare. One needs an extra pair of hands, at best! I usually start with the bottom and front, but this time I decided to start with the lid, as it proved to be the most challenging.

The unusual shape is due to the stiles protruding to the inside of the chest. The pintle in the notch is interesting, don’t you think?

The stiles were bored for the pintles via my hand-cranked drill press.

I’d like to say the lid fit on the first try, but I’d be lying! I spent quite some time, shaving a little from here and filing a little from there, before achieving that perfect fit.

The bottom is roughly the same shape as the top, fitting into grooves in the stiles. The front will fit in stopped dados in the front and back top rails. Once the till is complete, I can then secure everything with drawbore pegs.


4 thoughts on “The Till

    1. Ron Aylor Post author

      Matt, thanks for asking! Having placed the lid atop the stiles and tracing from underneath, my initial cut was pretty close. It took a bit of shaving for a perfect fit, but not as one might expect.



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