Have a Seat!

The repaired lathe made for light work on the third and fourth legs. And, I do believe the gods of duplication have been on my side throughout this build.


The drawboring went by rather uneventfully. So much so that I forgot to stop and take photos. I continued with leveling the feet and flattening the top of the frame. I probably should have photographed that, too. Oh well! Time to fasten the seat to the frame. By eye and feel the seat was positioned in place. If it looks right, it is right, right?


With the seat held in place with handscrew clamps, I bored a hole through the top and into the stile, angled at the same angle as the stile itself. The hole was located by sighting first down one side of the stile, then the other. Making sure the peg would hit the area in the stile inside the joinery; I didn’t want to drive the pin into the mortise and tenon. Inserted at an angle like this, it is actually pinching the seat down. I worked my way around the stool, boring and pegging each corner as I went. I then trimmed the pegs with a saw and chisel to pare them flush with the seat.


Well, there you have it. A joined stool in white ash and northern red oak. All that is lacking is a few coats of boiled linseed oil and turpentine. Thanks for the views and comments along the way. It’s now time to clean up the shop and figure out what’s next. Decisions, decisions!

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