Don’t Let A Blemish Stop You

All done! I really like how the carving turned out. Strapwork is now my new favorite decoration. If you recall, I’m making this box for a friend. But…


It wasn’t until applying linseed oil that I noticed a most curious blemish on the front edge of the bottom. I am quite puzzled as to its origin. The board was clear up to applying the oil.


I made a few more passes with a plane, sanded it with coarse sandpaper, and even tried a bit of dark stain, yet the blemish persists! Perhaps this is just how it wants to look. Besides, who am I to mess with Mother Nature.


I guess I will just have to convince myself that this little spot simply adds character to my strapwork carved box. Unless someone has a clue as to what might have caused this, then I’m all ears!

12 thoughts on “Don’t Let A Blemish Stop You

  1. Wolfram Herzog

    I think most People would have never regognized the spot as a problem – we woodworker are sometimes too critical with ourselves – including me 🤗

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  2. Matt McGrane

    That blemish looks like a little anomaly in the wood. I’m seeing something like it in some wood I’m working on now. No knots nearby. Just something odd in the wood. Think of it as a “feature”.

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