With some nicely resawn 3/8-inch pine, I started working on drawer parts. The sides were half-blind-dovetailed to the front. I used 3/4-inch stock for the back, nailing it in place. The drawer bottom of 1/8-inch thick stock.


Remember me saying the under-the-till drawer was going to be secured by a sliding-dovetailed peg? Well, if you assemble the carcass before cutting the dovetailed slot, there is no place for that peg to slide!


Still wanting to secure the drawer in some way, I opted for a wooden pin through the till into the drawer back. Fortunately, I had yet to secured the box floor. So, working from the bottom up, I was able to bore through the till and install a pin.

Problem solved. Perhaps I’ll have a sliding-dovetailed peg on the next one!

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