Redialing André Roubo

My cellphone-variant of the André Roubo folding bookstand was a hit at the recent Art from the Heart Artist Market. I sold all that I made and picked-up a commission for two more. These little stands are a joy to build. Staring out with a 4-inch by 9-inch piece of 4/4 mahogany, I laid out the location of the knuckle joints, approximately 3-inches from the bottom.


Using an “eggbeater” drill with a 1/16-inch bit, I bored holes in the corners of each knuckle.


With a fret saw connected those holes vertically through the board.

The knuckles were then defined by chopping with a chisel.


I carefully resawed the board, from both ends to the centerline of the knuckle joints.


And with a modicum of persuasion, the board split in half!


After a bit of carving and a good slathering of boiled linseed oil and turpentine, I had completed one stand.


8 thoughts on “Redialing André Roubo

  1. Dave Polaschek

    I figure I need to build one of those some day. Looks like fun!

    Still waiting on HOA approval to get started building my shop. First Wednesday of the month is the normal architecture committee meeting, so I should hear back next week if I don’t this week. But the builder is ready to send everything to the county and state for permits once we have that, so we’ll hopefully be breaking ground before Christmas.

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