Gettin' Closer!

Social distancing, self-quarantine, curfews, the threat of martial law, and no toilet paper, things are getting scarier by the hour. At last count, my Covid-19 tracker showed 344,752 confirmed cases with 14,862 deaths worldwide. I pray that the powers-to-be know what they are doing. I am thankful for the members of the medical community fighting for answers. I guess all we can do at this point is to be pragmatic. Wash our hands often and try to stay out of harm’s way!

Being retired, I’m quite used to the home front. My bride is now able to work from home a couple of days a week. So, we are enjoying each other’s company, as we often do. Being homebodies, we have not experienced the ill-effects of social distancing. We do however miss being able to attend church. Hopefully, this will change sooner than later.

Continuing with my End-of-the-World project, I managed to complete the carving phase. The rain has moved in again, stealing my precious light. We should have sunshine soon, though, and I can start turning this carved board into a box.

So, despite the rain and these scary times, have Faith and know that God is watching over us all.

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