Even the best of plans can go wrong, from time to time. As I painstakingly installed the till and clamped the box square, I noticed the till bottom was askew.

Somewhere between resawing jointing, and chopping grooves, I had developed a squareness issue. The box itself is square. I cannot very well bust things apart now. Yet, I must deal with a rather glaring mistake. I grabbed a 3/8-inch thick piece of clear pine from my scrap pile and marked out a solution

After sawing out the little ”trim” piece, I realized the issue was most likely a result of misaligned grooves and dados in the box front and back.

Moving forward, I glued the ”trim” piece to the leading edge of the till bottom.

Once the glue dried, the problem was solved!

Now, no one should be the wiser, since the till bottom is not visible. That is until four hundred years from now when someone writes an erudite paper on the Aylor Wedge-Shaped Trim Piece.


11 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. hoortbri

    I am dong trim around a basement window project, and it’s all triangles everywhere! Every piece is a custom-fit wedge. It does fool the eye at a glance — one of my sills is an inch off from the other just 32″ away — and yet it fools the eye being cut at an angle. Nice work!

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  2. Dave Polaschek

    “No one should be the wiser…“

    Except for those of us with internet access. 😉

    Nice solution, Ron.

    I’ve started on bookcases here. Three plinths done and finished, and the first box is getting glued together after lunch. I still need to cut the back boards to size, but I figure that’s best done by taking measurements from the completed box, rather than trying to math, which has been somewhat unreliable lately (pluses, minuses, they look so similar!)

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