Something Different

I had full intentions of taking on another box for my next project. But while digging through my cut-off bin, a couple of pieces of 3/4″ thick beech caught my eye. These boards were leftovers from a project quite some time back. I had completely forgotten that I had them. After a quick measure, I realized that they were too small for a box, so I quickly shifted gears and decided to build another ratcheting book stand. Grabbing a rip saw, I cut two 2-1/2″ by 15-1/2″ stiles, a 3-1/2″ x 12″ top rail, and two 3/4″ by 12″ cross pieces.

Every time I make one of these book stands, I try to do something completely different with the top rail. I knew I wanted a series of lunettes across the top. And perhaps for the lunettes to flow onto the top of the stiles. A layout like this first requires a bit of assembly. I took the time to form tenons at either end of the top rail and mortises in the stiles. With the three pieces together, the layout was much clearer.

Losing myself in the carving, I found that I ended up with flower heads in the center of the lunettes, leading to adding running vines with stylized leaves to the stiles. Yep, something completely different!

With that little bit of carving out of the way, I attached my newly made file box to start “turning” the cross pieces, more on that next post.

Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Greg Perry

    Ron I signed up to follow your blog years ago. I’m pretty sure it’s back when you started it, maybe 2016 ish? Anyway… I don’t often comment but I still read and follow when time allows. You do fantastic work and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing it.

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  2. Aaron Tobul

    I really like the vine motif down the stiles. How was the beech to carve? The file box looks handy. The last time I made a ratcheting book stand I used a spoke shave on my cross pieces, but it was awkward. The file box looks like it would be a perfect workholding solution.

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    1. Ron Aylor Post author

      Thank you! I found the beech a delight to carve. Sharp tools are key, though. And yes, the file box is an excellent workholding device. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Joe

    Very nice.

    Do you have a blog post on your file box?

    I don’t have any wood turning equipment and am always on the lookout for potentially simply ways to get round items for the few times I need them and want to make them by had.

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    1. Ron Aylor Post author

      I learned of the file box in Aldren Watson’s Furniture Making Plain and Simple. This book shows a much larger version. I have two file boxes, the one from Watson’s book and the small adaptation made for my mini-Roman bench. I used the larger one on my Reformation Era Prie-dieu (no blog post, but an ebook: An Ambitious Endeavor). I am in the process of blogging about the smaller version. Thanks for asking!



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