Putting a Lid on Sydney

All that remains of the 38-inch-long Merbau board is a tiny pile of sawdust and a plethora of thumbnail-shaped chips. Syndey was slowly becoming a box. With the carcase resting quietly out of harm’s way, I scoured the shop looking for an appropriate bottom and lid. My search ended with a nice piece of 3/4-inch thick Poplar long enough to produce both pieces.

Wanting the bottom to appear but 3/8-inch thick, I decided to cut a rebate around its perimeter. To assure a consistent depth to this rebate, I called on my old woman’s tooth. Consisting simply of a wooden body with a 1/2-inch chisel wedged in place at no more than 20° out of the vertical, it is perfect for leveling the bottom of a groove or other recess.

I decided to leave the lid 3/4-inch thick with 1-1/4″ end caps. I also thought a bit of carving appropriate. I hope I didn’t get too carried away. LOL!

For contrast, I applied a shop-made black dye. The bottom is held in place with cut nails while the lid is sporting snipe hinges.

Once I get the shop cleaned up and ready to go again, I’ll see what I can do in walnut. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Putting a Lid on Sydney

  1. Dave Polaschek

    An attractive lid to finish an attractive box. Well done, Ron!

    Keeping busy here in NM, too. I think I may have all of the bookcases (or perhaps all but one) finally finished. 70-some boxes total.

    Liked by 1 person


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