Hot Off the Press!

Join me as I build a 17th-century-style joined box stool and a boarded box stool Available now at: Smashwords Please Note: This is a FREE offering. Download EPUB from Smashwords above, or a PDF HERE. Enjoy, and please consider leaving a comment. Thank you!


Ammonia fuming has got to be the most satisfying method of “coloring” wood on the planet. Introduce your project parts to ammonia fumes in an air-tight environment and let Mother Nature do her thing. It cannot be easier! And yes, it even worked on the poplar lid and bottom! Granted, I had to slather on … Continue reading Well…

Who Would Have Thought?

I restocked my lumber stores a couple of weeks back with some 14-inch-plus wide cherry, mahogany, and poplar boards. The cherry has an exceptional figure and is full of curl. Simply beautiful. The poplar board has some rainbow action going on at one end. The grain of the mahogany is somewhat wild. It has a … Continue reading Who Would Have Thought?

Triangular Gate-Leg

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was “square turning” the legs on my triangular gate-leg table. If you recall, this is the decoration I used on the legs of my joined box stool. I love the look. Plus, it seemed like a logical choice for this little table – it being so … Continue reading Triangular Gate-Leg


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