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Temporary Housing

I have not had much shop time over the last few days. The weather has not been on my side. If it wasn’t dark and rainy, it was just too cold. I did, however, manage to get the stiles of both sides of the chest mortised. The side panels are almost complete, as well.

The cold damp weather was a deterrent for two whole days last weekend. I just stayed in and read while sipping hot tea. Concluding that my joined chest was not going to build itself, I bundled-up against the cold and headed for the shop. It did not take long for me to realize I was not alone!

The upper right corner of my tool cabinet looked a bit strange. It appeared that I had a guest. And a very unhappy guest at that, as I came face to face with a very fat mama bird. The bird screamed and took to the rafters, exiting the shop through a bent eave vent, leaving me to inspect her masterfully crafted temporary dwelling.

As there are no eggs in the nest, as of yet, I’m not sure she will return. But I decided to leave the nest alone, just in case. If she does return, we will have to see how things go. Will she be okay with me continuing to work? Will I need any of the tools on that shelf?

After giving my new friend such a fright, I went inside to convince Polly that the shop was off-limits for the foreseeable future. You’ve got to love Mother Nature!