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Vinyl, Shellac, and Mahogany, Oh My!

I survived the vinyl siding renovation! One more day of banging and I may have gone ballistic, but all is well. I think it turned out beautifully, and I’m glad we made the investment. And, no more painting! Except for the garage doors, but I can reach those. LOL!


After a week off from the shop, I had just about forgotten what I had been working on. But once I fought my way through the cobwebs and swept up a bit, I found the unfinished tip-top table. Not much was needed. With just a little sanding here and there, I applied a few coats of shellac and called it complete.


Now, let’s see what I can do with this piece of mahogany. I need to rest my leg after all of the recent turnings, so perhaps I’ll tackle a couple of carved boxes.