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Under Dad’s Watchful Eye

I became acquainted with Michael Lovette just about a year ago, as we started following each other’s respective blogs. He showed interested in my woodworking, and I, at the time, in his photography. After numerous back and forth offerings of kind words and encouragement, I started to see yet another facet to Michael’s talent with the sharing of his drawings. Using reference photos, collected from friends, and the Internet, he puts pencil and pen to paper, creating some rather impressive art.

It was with great sadness that I announced the death of my father, earlier this year. My dad was my hero! Unschooled and mostly self-taught, Dad worked as an automobile mechanic, providing our family with everything we needed and just about everything we wanted. I am fortunate to have been raised by a father possessing the highest level of common sense in the world. To this very day, everything I do, I do with my dad in mind. He had a saying, “… if you’re gonna do something, do it right, or don’t do it at all.” Dad was not one for short-cuts.

With dad’s birthday approaching and Michael’s drawing becoming more and more intriguing, I decided to make a special request. I sent Michael a treasured photo of my dad, asking if he would consider sketching a portrait. Being the good friend that he has become, he accepted the challenge.

Initially, I thought Michael would simply make a sketch and post it to his blog. So when he told me that he would send me the original art, I heard my dad ask, “… now, what are you gonna do?” I immediately started working on a carved box in exchange for my drawing.

This past Saturday, Michael’s drawing arrived via priority mail. In a matter of no time, I had it framed and ready to hang in my shop.


Thank you so much, Michael, for accepting my request. Please know that once again, dad will be looking over my shoulder, keeping me on the straight and narrow. Thanks again, my friend. Fantastic!

Please take the time to visit Michael’s blog and marvel his work.