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After visiting my favorite lumberyard, Suwanee Lumber, I replenished my stores with some black walnut, northern red oak, a bit of linden, and some wide poplar boards. This stock should get me through to at least spring! I should be able to build a few boxes, a joined stool or two, and knock out my first attempt at a chair.

I’m looking forward to the chair. If you will recall from an earlier post, I will be building a variant of the Waldo Chair. I say variant because I will be using plain-sawn lumber, and I’m sure my chair will not be quite as big. I will, however, be turning the front legs on the spring pole lathe, and utilizing drawbore mortise and tenon joinery, throughout.

But from the looks of things, I might have to build a box or two before turning the chair legs. We’ll see!