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Redialing André Roubo

My cellphone-variant of the André Roubo folding bookstand was a hit at the recent Art from the Heart Artist Market. I sold all that I made and picked-up a commission for two more. These little stands are a joy to build. Staring out with a 4-inch by 9-inch piece of 4/4 mahogany, I laid out the location of the knuckle joints, approximately 3-inches from the bottom.


Using an “eggbeater” drill with a 1/16-inch bit, I bored holes in the corners of each knuckle.


With a fret saw connected those holes vertically through the board.

The knuckles were then defined by chopping with a chisel.


I carefully resawed the board, from both ends to the centerline of the knuckle joints.


And with a modicum of persuasion, the board split in half!


After a bit of carving and a good slathering of boiled linseed oil and turpentine, I had completed one stand.