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Adding to the Wares

Once I recovered from the sliding dovetailed-peg debacle, I continued to assemble the remaining parts of the box. Having nailed the bottom into place, I began cutting out the pine hinge cleats, with a coping saw.

Almost identical!


After a bit of edge-work and I smoothed the lid out with a scraping plane.


Then it was just a matter of pegging the lid to the carcass via the hinge cleats.


Voilà! One 14″ D x 19″ W x 9″ H inverted lunette carved box in mahogany and ambrosia maple.


And after a bit of shellac and a few coats of beeswax, it even shines in my dark little shop.


I can now add one more item to my wares as I prepare for the upcoming Art From the Heart Artist Market this October 25th and 26th.