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In Proper Order

In addition to this blog, I like to post to Facebook, where I am a member of the Beginner Wood Carvers group (BWC). This close-knit community has members from all over the globe, ranging from the novice level through to the more advanced carver. Carving styles run the gamut, as well, from whittling little people with a pocketknife to creating massive sculptures with a chain saw, and just about everything in between. If you are into woodcarving, you should consider joining the group.

Over the last few weeks, I have been posting videos showing my progress through a carved box. These videos were in response to questions from BWC members. I was working on a couple of strapwork carvings at the time, and interestingly, things got a bit out of order. I thought I would put those videos in order, here. Enjoy!

First, I established margins and put down a grid line.

Next, gouge strikes were made to layout the pattern.

Finally, the background was relieved and stippled.

At this point, the board is sawn into its individual parts and joined to make a box. Here I am forming the pintle on the back to receive a hinge cleat.