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A Table by Any Other Name – by Ron Aylor

“A Table by Any Other Name” chronicles the building of a triangular gateleg table. Join Ron Aylor, as he builds a 17th-century-style triangular gateleg table in his 100% unplugged workshop.

A Tale of Two Stools – by Ron Aylor

“A Tale of Two Stools” chronicles the building of two box stools. Join Ron Aylor as he creates a joined box stool and boarded box stool, in his 100% unplugged workshop.

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The Pilgrims Visit Rome – by Ron Aylor

The workbench is a traditional woodworker’s most important tool. Changing the workbench can be quite a daunting task. Join Ron Aylor as he trades his tall workbench for a mini-Roman workbench, all while building a 17th-century style carved box.

Categories of 17th-Century Mannerist Carving  – by Ron Aylor

What exactly is a guilloche? How about a lunette? Or, nulling? From the workshop of An Unplugged Woodworker, “Categories of 17th-Century Mannerist Carving” will answer all of these questions, and more!


An Ambitious Endeavor /Building a Reformation Era Prie-Dieu – by Ron Aylor

“An Ambitious Endeavor” chronicles the building of a solid walnut prie-dieu. Join Ron Aylor as he creates a barley-twist split spindle, gadrooned edges, and an eight-panel door, in his 100% unplugged workshop.


My First Lunette – by Ron Aylor

“My First Lunette” is Ron Aylor’s foray into 17th-century mannerism carving. Journey along with him as he returns to hand tools, becoming an unplugged woodworker, building an ash and cherry two-tier side table festooned with lunettes, quatrefoils, and S-braid, all in a shop devoid of electricity.


William & Mary Take a Knee – by Ron Aylor

“William & Mary Take a Knee” is selfless consideration for the other. Join Ron Aylor for an unplugged Lenten journey as he builds a William & Mary Prie-Dieu.