The Misner Book Stand – Part 4

Brrr! I finally got what I wished for all summer, temperatures in the thirties. Now, all I need is some snow! By the way, did I mention that I like cold weather?


The only troublesome thing with cold-weather, however, is the lack of sunlight. I guess we can’t have everything! But, working through periodic breaks in the clouds, I managed to complete part of the ratchet mechanism. Eight cogs should provide plenty of adjustment.


After carefully chopping a 1/4-inch wide, 1/2-inch deep mortise in the center of the 3/4-inch square crosspiece…


…holes were bored for drawbore pegs.


In all my years of woodworking, I have never noticed ill-effects of cold weather on wood. Saws, chisels, and files are, however, a different story. So, when my fingers thaw from holding cold tools, I’ll tackle the other half of the ratchet mechanism. Stay tuned!