Music Stand Revisited

A music stand, patterned after a late 18th-century original used by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, has just been added to my collection of wares for the Artist Market coming up in October.

The pedestal consists of four butternut one-by-threes laid up around a two-by-two cottonwood slide, turned in a file box.


There are three sassafras feet attached via sliding dovetails.


The music rest consists of a half-lapped frame of maple and cherry.


Wanting the stand to appear much older than it is, I chose not to remove hand tool marks or minor defects in the wood.


The music rest is attached to the cottonwood slide securely with a fox wedge. A rosewood pin allows for height adjustment.


I apologize for the distracting water bottle in the above photo. I was going to retake the shot but thought perhaps the Kroger honey container and cold storage box would help divert your attention. LOL!