Gretchen’s Box

As stated in an earlier post, 2023 started with a carved mahogany box for my daughter, Gretchen. Given just a few parameters, like it needs to hold six three-inch-diameter Mason jars and space for two-and-three-eights-inch-tall odds and ends, I arrived at the following design.

Having received carte blanche as to the species of lumber to be used, I chose a nice piece of mahogany. It should be no surprise that I also decided to add a bit of carving.

I used the old tried and true rebated butt joint at the corners of the carcase. The 3/8-inch thick poplar dividers were half-lapped and secured via dados in the back and sides. Grooves held the 1/4-inch poplar floorboards.

Before attaching the front, I needed to rip-cut the drawer front.

In addition to a 1/2-inch by 3/4-inch rebate, half-blind dovetails secured the drawer sides to the 3-inch wide front.

Before final assembly, the carcase and drawer received a healthy slathering of shop-made red wine dye – a 50% reduction of Cabernet Sauvignon. A shop-made black dye colors the poplar top and bottom.

So, how did you spend the first month of 2023?

Looking Forward to 2023

Despite all of its negative press, I think 2022 was a great year. Connie and I made it through without so much as a sniffle. Despite the inflation hype, things seemed to balance out sufficiently, allowing for quite a few fun trips. We saw St. Louis, Seattle, and roughly all of south Georgia. After a two-year-long sabbatical, I had an extremely successful two-and-a-half-day sale at Art from the Heart Artist Market.

LG’s Ark was a smash hit!


But most importantly though, 2022 ended with my bride’s retirement after twenty-one years with Layer 3 Communications.

So, Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to another great year in the shop and perhaps traveling more with my bride. We’ve already planned a lumber run to the Wood Yard in Concord, Georgia.

I’ve started 2023 off with a carved mahogany box for my daughter, Gretchen.



Thanks for following, stay tuned, and again, Happy New Year!