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Armed with a hammer and a generous supply of drawbore pegs, I had no issue assembling the remainder of the chest. As a matter of fact, it went together so quickly and so well that I forgot to stop for photos. Sorry!

I am quite pleased with how tight the joints are. A slight undercut of the shoulder really does pay off. When the joint is brought together via the drawbore peg, it is just the sharp edge making contact. Note also that I used “barefaced” tenons, which have no rear shoulder at all.

Having pre-fit the floorboards, it took but slight persuasion with a wooden mallet for a perfect fit.

After securing the floorboards to the back bottom rail with a few cut nails, the chest was solid as a rock.

And of course, I couldn’t resist. I needed to make doubly sure that things were indeed as tight and sound as they looked.

Up next, the hinge cleats and pivots.